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Heavy Engineering and Machine Tools Industry

Heavy Engineering and Machine Tools Sector consists of Capital Goods Industry. Prominent sub-sectors of Capital Goods Industry are Machine Tools, Textile Machinery, Construction and Mining Machinery and other heavy industrial machinery such as Cement Machinery, Rubber Machinery, Metallurgical Machinery, Chemical and Fertilizer Machinery, Printing Machinery, Dairy Machinery, Material Handling Equipment, Oil Field Equipment, Paper Machinery etc. These industries are de-licensed and foreign direct investment (FDI) up to 100 percent under automatic route as well as technology collaboration is allowed freely. Import of old and new machineries is allowed freely.

The Department has reconstituted Development Councils for Machine Tools Industry and Textile Machinery Industry. These Development Councils are the platform where machinery/equipment manufacturers, users of machineries and policy maker from Government Departments discuss the various issues and take decisions for the sustainable growth of these industries.

DHI scheme for Enhancement in the Competitiveness of the Capital Goods Sector will encourage technology upgradation, skill development and augmentation of modern manufacturing capacities leading to global competitiveness of the industry.

Machine Tools Industry

Machine Tools Industry is a strategic industry with around 200 machine tool manufacturers in the organized sector as also around 400 small scale units. The industry lacks in design and engineering capability to undertake high precision CNC Machines. Due to technology gaps in the field of metal cutting machine tools, metal forming machines, special technologies and critical components development etc. the import of technology as well as R&D initiatives are encouraged to bridge the gaps.

Textile Machinery Industry

Textile Machinery Industry is a significant component of the capital goods industry. This industry comprises of over 1446 machinery and components manufacturing units with over 600 units producing complete machinery and other units are mainly into the production of parts and accessories of textile machinery. The textile machinery includes sorting machinery, carding machinery, processing machinery of yarns/fabrics, weaving machinery, etc.

There are technology gaps in areas like weaving, processing, special purpose finishing machines, knitting and garmenting machineries and critical components such as auto-coner and rotor spinning machine with automation, wider width processing machines, etc. There is insufficient in-house R&D in this industry as well as absence of large foreign/domestic players in weaving and processing machineries.

Plastic Processing Machinery Industry

There are 11 major manufacturers of machinery in the organized sector and nearly 200 small & medium manufacturers. Major plastic machineries include Injection Moulding Machine, Blow Moulding Machine and Extrusion Moulding Machine.

Domestic manufacturers meet 95% of processing industry needs on technology and product range. World leading technologies have manufacturing presence in the country through wholly owned subsidiaries or technology license arrangements.

Dies, Moulds & Tools Industry

Indian Tool Room Industry is very fragmented and consists of more than 500 commercial tool makers engaged in design, development and manufacturing of tooling in the country. In addition to commercial tool makers, 18 Government Tool Rooms cum Training Centres are also operating in the country. The key commercial Tool Room locations are Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai, Pune, Hyderabad and NCR.

Process Plant Equipment

There are over 200 units engaged in the manufacturer of process plant machinery in the country out of which 65% are small & medium manufacturers. Major process plant machineries which include tanks, pressure vessels, evaporators, stirrers, heat exchangers, towers & columns, crystallizer, furnace, etc. are used in energy sector, gas, oil, refinery, chemical & petrochemical, fertilizer, paper & pulp, sugar, cement, dairy industry, etc.

The sector today is equipped with state of the art processes to engineer and fabricate complex process equipment across different materials of construction. The plant sizes of these companies have also increased and at times are comparable or even larger than global companies.

However, domestic industry lacks know-how on process technology, owing to which, sector is dependent on Overseas Process Licensors. However, China, on the other hand has attempted to get the knowhow on process technology, by setting up research institutes and labs, and acquiring such expertise from other regions. At operational level, Welding, Forming, Machining technologies could be improved to enhance the productivity. Target technologies to be developed are Sub Sea Equipment, Oil well drilling, Process gas Boilers for Ethylene and Gas Crackers, etc.

Earthmoving, Construction And Mining Equipment

Currently 20 large & global manufacturers and nearly 200 small & medium manufacturers of earthmoving & mining machinery are present in India. The product range comprises of Backhoe Loaders, Compactors, Mobile Cranes, Pavers, Batching Plants, Crawler Crane, Transit Mixer, Concrete Pump, Tower Cranes, Hydraulic Excavators, Dumpers, Mining Shovel, Walking Draglines, Dozers, Wheel Loaders, Graders, Drilling Equipment, etc.

In India open cast mining is much more popular than underground mining. Hence, the equipment required for the open cast mining like Dumpers, Dozers, Shovels, Draglines and Excavators are manufactured in India.

Based on the Industry forecast for the next 20 years, there is a need to develop indigenous capability in respect of Electric Dump Trucks ~ 190 ton - 240 ton, Rope shovels ~ 42 cum, Walking Draglines ~ 72 m - 33 Cum; 150m - 50 cum, Hybrid Drive Loaders ~ l0 cum bucket, 2500 HP Electronically Controlled Emission Compliant Engine, Long Wall Mining Systems and Continuous Miners for underground mines, etc to be able to meet the market demand, bulk of which is currently imported.

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